When you come in for an appointment, Dr. Garth Collins will gently examine your teeth and look for any signs of cavities. Cavities can occur when plaque builds up and damage the tooth enamel. Bacteria react with sugars in the mouth and turns into acid, which dissolves the enamel of the teeth and creates holes that are known as cavities. If not properly treated, cavities can continue to cause damage to your teeth and lead to greater tooth decay. This could result in the need for a root canal or tooth extraction. In order to treat a cavity and prevent further damage, the dentist may recommend that you need a dental filling in Folsom, California.

At the dental practice of Garth Collins, DDS, we use high-quality composite resins in order to fill cavities and restore decayed teeth. Composites can also be used to make cosmetic enhancements to the teeth by altering the color or shape. Composites are an aesthetically pleasing option because they are carefully matched to the natural color of the teeth.

For more information about dental composites and their advantages, we invite you to contact our office and speak with a friendly member of our dental team. We look forward to caring for your smile!