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Many individuals claim to know if they are predisposed to illness based on family history. Although your genetics may link you to some oral illnesses, the ability to predict your risk remains a mystery.

What is the function of genetics regarding your smile? For more information about genetics and your oral health, consider the following:

– Various diseases such as cavities and gum disease do come with certain genetic markers, but suffering from either hinges much more on your lifestyle and oral hygiene than your genetics do.
– Although genetics can raise your risk for oral health disorders, at this current time, there are no systems capable of precisely predicting your risk for developing them.
– Although genetics play a significant role in your dental health, key oral hygiene behaviors such as brushing and flossing can in most cases prevail over the effects of any genetic markers.
– The risks for oral health disorders, including sleep apnea, can be greatly enhanced due to genetics. However, even if you are genetically predisposed to a disorder or disease, it does not automatically mean you will end up with any given disorder.

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